Project Headshot Clinic X

I'm one with the millions of people all over the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS. My advocacy began with the Headshot Clinic and with Niccolo Cosme. Ten years ago, he shifted Project Headshot Clinic's message for HIV awareness and prevention and it marks the year that I became public with my HIV…Read more Project Headshot Clinic X



I spent the whole day yesterday doing advocacy work again. I kinda missed it, really. Last year, I really only did one HIV talk at a school event and I've been lax in my large-scale advocacy work as of late. I've been focused on my own life and my recovery. I've given myself some distance…Read more #TogetherPH

We can end AIDS together

It's World AIDS Day today. This my ninth year to celebrate World AIDS Day as a person living with HIV. In the Philippines, the HIV situation is considered an epidemic and recently it has been touted as a "youth epidemic" with the most-at-risk and most vulnerable sector of society are young men and women ages…Read more We can end AIDS together

The STOMHA (State of my Health Address)

This isn't easy for me to admit. I have always been a huge advocate of taking care of yourself. As a person living with HIV, it was important for me to show that one can live a good, full, and meaningful life even with HIV as long as they take good care of themselves. It…Read more The STOMHA (State of my Health Address)

PODCAST: Let’s talk about HIV with Wanggo Gallaga (Rappler)

So, last week, I recorded a podcast with Sex and Sensibilities columnist Ana Santos to talk about the HIV epidemic in the country. I went to the Rappler offices one afternoon and spent the next hour and a half just conversing with her while everything was being recorded. Of the hour-long discussion, they ended up…Read more PODCAST: Let’s talk about HIV with Wanggo Gallaga (Rappler)

Seven years today

At around this time, exactly seven years ago, I got a call from the clinic telling me my lab results from my HIV test had just come in and I had to go there to receive the news. That was exactly seven years ago, August 26, 2008. I consider sort of like my first death…Read more Seven years today

Breaking Barriers

Yesterday, I attended a press conference hosted by Philippine Legislator's Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) and the UNAIDS Philippines to Break Barriers and End the Trend. It was meant to continue this dialogue with the press to maintain the consistency of their reporting of the serious issue the country has with HIV and AIDS…Read more Breaking Barriers