the need to stretch

So, yesterday, during rehearsals, some of the creative team were asked to join the actors in a Viewpoints workshop and I somehow managed to find myself there. We were doing improvs and it involved a bit of running and jumping and, knowing me and improvs, a lot of jumping into the ground and doing weird,…Read more the need to stretch


yoga at home

A few weeks before I left for my Eurotrip, I was in such a hurry getting things done that I had no time for yoga. I think I was able to only take one or two classes the month before I left. When I got to Portugal, I was walking so much that I'd come…Read more yoga at home

two day break from tourist shit

So I got back to Lisbon and I spent the whole day yesterday doing nothing. I was pretty much in bed the whole day and didn't do a thing. At some point, I got tired of being idle and accompanied my nephew to Jardim da Estrela where he could skate and I tried to jog…Read more two day break from tourist shit

hiding away

I'm in Bacolod as I am writing this, setting this up to be published today (Saturday) as I am probably on a ferry to Iloilo (or I've already arrived) to attend a really, super good friend's wedding. I'll be in Iloilo for a few days. I am not bringing my computer with me. I'm going…Read more hiding away

like a chicken without a head

So June left me in shambles. Well, shambles is being over-dramatic, but I wasn't prepared. I believe in astrology and the whole mercury in retrograde phenomenon and last June left me scrambling and chasing after my own tail. I've been in too many places at the same time and if it weren't for yoga, I'd…Read more like a chicken without a head

Beyond Yoga: a start of something new (I hope)

I got a call last Thursday from my friend Kate that said a new yoga studio was opening near our home and for that day, they were holding free yoga classes to open the studio. I have always wanted to do yoga but found so many reasons not to make it a weekly thing, one…Read more Beyond Yoga: a start of something new (I hope)