Breaking Ground (the Santermo Young Writer’s Workshop)

Today was the last day of the Santermo Young Writer's Workshop "Breaking Ground." It was a two day workshop with talks -- one by myself, talking about the writer's life, and the other by Rene Hinojales, who wrote about writing and performance -- and we workshopped poetry (yesterday) and today we worked on the fiction…Read more Breaking Ground (the Santermo Young Writer’s Workshop)

something brewing (a No Filter post)

This month, we're going to be launching something and it's definitely directly connected to The Sandbox Collective's play No Filter. The cast is excited, the creative team is excited, all the writers are excited, the crew is excited, and our new collaborators are so excited and we really can't wait to share with you the…Read more something brewing (a No Filter post)

confidence is key

I will always tell people that anybody can write. In every workshop I've attended, in every class I've taken in Creative Writing, they all say the same thing: "Read well. Write a lot." It's really the best advice that anyone can give you. The more you read, the more you discover how people use language.…Read more confidence is key