beach bound

In about two hours, I'm going to be closing up my unit for a few days as I head out for the beach. This is going to be my only beach trip for the year. For me, that's horrible. I used to go thrice a year with friends or family. For the past three years,…Read more beach bound


Act IV and V

I was up until 4am early this morning working on the final draft of the script for a project that will now be announced by the end of the coming week. It's finally moving forward and now that we have our cast, my producer and I stayed up really late last night, fixing the script…Read more Act IV and V

and then something comes…

I have a really bad habit of making pronouncements here on my blog and then, several entries later, I seem to have forgotten them as I report another life event or work situation that completely undermines my previous statements and declarations. I said a few entries ago that after this documentary and movie that I'm…Read more and then something comes…