Last Saturday, Ida del Mundo and I held the first day of a 5-day workshop on screenwriting that we are giving 15 freshmen of the Digital Film Department in Benilde. They all applied and they are the ones that we had chosen after our screening of their works. I was super excited to be meeting…Read more freshmen

“Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website

My short story,¬†Wife, which was first published in Team magazine's second issue was published in Cecilia Brainard's blog. Ma'am Cecilia is actually a family friend who I met at a one-day writing workshop when I was still a student in La Salle. After the workshop, she approached me and asked me if I was "the…Read more “Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website

on teaching

I used to teach. Back in around 2003 and 2004, I taught a couple of classes of Art Appreciation, Philippine Literature in English, and World Literature at the college level in my alma mater. I only taught Art Appreciation because it was a subject under the Literature department La Salle dissolved the Humanities department when…Read more on teaching

Signal Boosting: Musical Theatre Masterclass with Michael Lavine

Signal boosting for some friends: It's really a great time for Philippine theater. I saw on Facebook a friend posting that there are over twelve shows open next week and that is not counting the college productions. Twelve shows! It's amazing. Everyone in theater are just jumping from one project to the next without having…Read more Signal Boosting: Musical Theatre Masterclass with Michael Lavine

IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)

I was inviting to join the International Playwright's Forum (IPF) workshop on Dramaturgy with Ursula Werdenberg (of Switzerland) and Yena Gim (of Korea) that was held over the weekend here in Bacolod. I was quite excited to go because I did Dramaturgy work last year for No Filter and I had a basic idea about…Read more IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)