on work

I've been writing quite a lot for Interaksyon. I feel great about it because it's almost like writing for Juice again. Juice allowed me to write about other things, though, like food and fashion, if I came across such a story. I tried pitching other stories but they told me to really just focus on…Read more on work


a call from Manila

Well, it wasn't really a call... but all the same... This morning, I got a message on my Facebook. Something I had spoken about in passing, an idea I mentioned helping out a friend, and now the follow up has come in and things have been set in motion. We chatted quite a bit and…Read more a call from Manila

falling into place

Everything seems to be falling into place, and it's weird, because I thought I was lost and adrift at sea. Last year, I lost myself and barely did anything. T'yanak just sort of fell on my lap and I'm forever grateful for having been able to be given a chance to write¬†that film, but it…Read more falling into place


The past two days have found me jumping from one movie to another so that I could review it for Juice, while struggling with an article that met with certain unexpected road blocks. It has been harrowing. While all of this is happening, more commercial work -- event writing -- has come to my lap…Read more working

Coconuts Manila: Working with my dad, Peque Gallaga, who once called my poems “cat farts”

I was asked by a really good friend, someone who I credit to bringing my whole writing career to a new level, to write an article about working with my Dad. I have been asked -- a lot of times -- to write about my Dad in many different magazines and publications, and I have…Read more Coconuts Manila: Working with my dad, Peque Gallaga, who once called my poems “cat farts”