Labor Day Weekend

It was a long Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day was on a Monday and because of the APEC Summit being held here, the government gave a strange it's-a-holiday-but-not-a-holiday sort of announcement for Thursday and Friday. Lots of people went out of town and I got an invite to go to Caliraya with Cat and Carlo…Read more Labor Day Weekend

Pure Shores (All Saints & London Grammar)

As you are reading this, I'm on my way to the beach. It's my first beach trip for 2015 and I hope that this is one of so many that I'll be taking this year. If you really know me, you'll know that the beach is where I return to my neutral state and recharge.…Read more Pure Shores (All Saints & London Grammar)

the metro ride home last Saturday

Last Saturday, in Barcelona, I had made a decision to go out. In Madrid, I went wherever Tals said we would go as it was her city and I was to meet her friends and to hang out the way she does in Madrid, which I'm perfectly happy with. In Portugal, I was not prepared…Read more the metro ride home last Saturday