Provocative and Brutal, ‘A Private War’ Dares Us to Care (ClickTheCity)

I knew I was going to like A Private War but I didn't realize how hard it was going to hit. It was when I looked at the filmography of its director, Matthew Heineman that I realized how his documentary filmmaking background had really helped him capture this story with razor sharp focus.  I didn't feel like…Read more Provocative and Brutal, ‘A Private War’ Dares Us to Care (ClickTheCity)

American Sniper: Neither Here nor There

I didn't like Clint Eastwood's American Sniper. And I usually have great interest in his work ever since I saw Million Dollar Baby. I didn't like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But Million Dollar Baby stayed with me. The slowly unfolding of events and the deliberate pacing, the steady creep of the…Read more American Sniper: Neither Here nor There

This Heavy Load

The sky is falling and the earth is splitting and we will fall into the chasms created by the ground tearing apart at its seams.   There's nothing to inhale now -- only black smoke and guilt and regret and that never leaves the lungs and we cannot take a breath to scream.   And…Read more This Heavy Load

Fury: Intense, Explosive, Brutal

The moment Fury begins, you are the edge of your seat, like a taut bow string, you are ready to be sent flying through the air into this descent into the darkest spaces of the human psyche. But the craftsmanship behind the film is how it manages to show the beauty of humanity underneath all…Read more Fury: Intense, Explosive, Brutal

Lone Survivor: Arresting, Brutal, Powerful

I got to see Lone Survivor over the weekend. I didn't even want to see it. Didn't know if I could handle watching a war film. It has gotten really, really cold in the Philippines now and I just don't handle the cold very well. I just wanted to stay home and try to stay…Read more Lone Survivor: Arresting, Brutal, Powerful

the last time we fight here

you would have to watch your stepwalking from one end of the roomto the other;there are broken shards of glassfrom the doorway of the dining roomto the staircase;when I tipped over the lampand when you threw your scotch glassand it shattered on the wallwhen you missed. I shouldn't have called you a cunt.But you deserved it. I…Read more the last time we fight here