any moment now

Happy Easter! I'm really just waiting for news about my scholarship. There's so many things I want to do but can't get it started or done because I have no idea whether I'm staying or going this year. I remember them saying that we would find out by the second week of April but I…Read more any moment now


lost in transition

Floating between now and then. I'm waiting for news that will determine the next two years of my life. Until I hear about it, I can't make any real concrete plans. I am picking up any work I can get. Short term projects are good because they'll end quickly. But I can't take anything that's…Read more lost in transition

a conversation from last March

From me: I'm pushing zero Where is my hero? He's out there somewhere Left of the middle... (and then a YouTube video link) from him: in the midst of all the revelry i'm feeling lost and alone with no one to guide me not even a song... -- from _______'s own from me: I'm not…Read more a conversation from last March