and so much more from the Theater Scene

So I made a request if I can talk about theatre as much as I do movies in my blog at Juice. I've been so involved in theatre since 2012 and catching up with as much as a I can since I got re-indoctrinated into the scene. I've been making friends with the community so…Read more and so much more from the Theater Scene


And then there was the theatre

In the last two year, for some reason or another, I started watching more theatrical productions and stagings. I got to see Battalia Royale¬†staged by Sipat Lawin and saw three different stagings of Red by the Actors Actors' Necessary Theater. I got to see Piaf and Nine and They Are Playing Our Song and Noises…Read more And then there was the theatre


Last night, I saw the Red Turnip Theater production of Cock. The Mark Bartlett written play is a really well-written four-man piece, a ninety-minute tour de force of rather crisp and witty dialogue and puts the full weight of the play on the shoulders of the actors. There's practically no set design, just a ring…Read more theatrical

Virgin Labfest 9

I completely forgot that I had agreed to come to watch the Virgin Labfest at the CCP today because a friend, Lawrence Fajardo, was directing one of the new one-act plays that was to show. The Virgin Labfest happens every year; it is a showcase of new plays that have never been staged and, if…Read more Virgin Labfest 9