… pretend we were just a dream

I'm really in it today. I've always loved this song, especially this version. It's probably my favorite of all the versions, including the Kelly Clarkson one. This version of Just Missed the Train really gets down into the heart of it both vocally and musically. And I'm in it right now. I always thought this…Read more … pretend we were just a dream

We can end HIV and AIDS TOGETHER

One of the first projects I got into when I arrived was The Red Whistle's video and photo shoot for their new campaign Together. It was wonderful and familiar to be working in production set again and with familiar face and working towards a very familiar theme. Watch the video here: Again, it's just like…Read more We can end HIV and AIDS TOGETHER


I spent the whole day yesterday doing advocacy work again. I kinda missed it, really. Last year, I really only did one HIV talk at a school event and I've been lax in my large-scale advocacy work as of late. I've been focused on my own life and my recovery. I've given myself some distance…Read more #TogetherPH

Current Eargasm: Green Light by Lorde

This just dropped today and I lost my head. I bought the single off of iTunes immediately and put the song on repeat. I've played it fourteen times already. The song, the lyrics, the video... my goodness! Lorde just killed it. She fucking killed it. I know this. I know this feeling. I've been there…Read more Current Eargasm: Green Light by Lorde