I’ve got PRIDE

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever Pride march. I've been out to my family in my teens and I've stopped dodging the questions about my sexual preference as far back as my early twenties. I've relatively lived a life outside of the closet most of my life. And even if I was out and…Read more I’ve got PRIDE

Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Tomorrow, we air the season finale of our passion project, the web series┬áHanging Out, but last night we had a season ender party at Commune. The bands MOONWLK and actor/singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo performed sets, including the songs they so graciously let us use for the show. They aired all the episodes, from…Read more Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

it doesn’t feel like work

I'm on a very tight budget this Manila trip. I haven't done any real, proper work all of last year as I was just recovering in Bacolod, away from my network. I've managed a few jobs here and there but that didn't quite give me enough capital to really go all out on this Manila…Read more it doesn’t feel like work

The other night, I danced again

Team magazine held its third Gay Bar and this time, it was called Stranger Flings. It was at the Ocean's Telephone Company at Forbestown and it was small and intimate at the beginning. Christmas lights were hung up to decorate the place and people were asked to come in 80s fashion. Probably only 5 or…Read more The other night, I danced again