got a call from Viva

I was in the middle of writing when I got a text from my Tita June Rufino, who works at Viva. She was my dad's manager back when he was still active in the industry and she's a family friend. When dad semi-retired, we haven't heard from Tita June in a while because she's extremely…Read more got a call from Viva


on being “highbrow”

As I'm wrapping the sixth draft of the screenplay I'm working on now, I've come to the realization that I have a hell of a lot to learn when it comes to writing a mainstream narrative. The ins-and-outs of commercial films are not in my creative arsenal. I can appreciate it. Hell. I love a…Read more on being “highbrow”

four years as an artist

I was always afraid to call myself an artist when I was younger. I was writing all the time and I definitely had ambitions but I had such high regard for artists and what they do that I was not ever going to call myself one until I felt that I had earned that right.…Read more four years as an artist

What makes a great Filipino horror film? (CNN Philippines)

I was interviewed by CNN Philippines Life for the article What makes a great Filipino horror film?. I'm part of a group of amazing Filipino filmmakers like Carlo Ledesma (The Tunnel), Jerrold Tarog (Aswang, Sana Dati), Jade Castro (Zombadings), and others. I'm with really in great company here. I was included as the screenwriter of T'yanak. Take…Read more What makes a great Filipino horror film? (CNN Philippines)

Catch T’yanak tonight and November 8 at the Cinematheque Manila

The Film Development Council of the Philippines are showing lots and lots of amazing horror films leading up to Halloween, All Soul's Day, and All Saints Day. I'm happy to announce that they are showing a film I wrote, T'yanak, today at 8pm and also on November 5 (also at 8pm). I'm proud of this film.…Read more Catch T’yanak tonight and November 8 at the Cinematheque Manila

things falling into place

So I was chatting with one of my friends in New York because it was his birthday today. Well, it's his birthday today if he were here in the Philippines but it isn't yet his birthday there in New York; so it was quite a funny discussion about time zones. We were talking about a…Read more things falling into place