a dark cloud hangs above me

So I was chatting with someone just the other day, and we aren't close yet, but we got into a conversation and it just rolled and it was lovely. I really could talk for hours. Even if its just on a messaging app. I'm not particular. There's a kind of language on a messenger app…Read more a dark cloud hangs above me


to endure

I honestly don't know if I have any fight left in me. I just read the headlines on the articles that people are sharing on Twitter and Facebook and see how this government blatantly exercising their power like tyrants and despots. I want to rally. I want to protest but there's nothing we can offer…Read more to endure

cabin fever

I've been in my apartment for three days and only going out to eat, bring my laundry to the laundry service, and to get stuff I might need for the house. Three days, maybe even more, andI was really suffering major depression. I think you could tell from my posts and if you follow me…Read more cabin fever

Social Media Game: Weak / Poor

I thought I'd be more active on social media while I'm here. I'm wandering around the city, hanging out with friends, working, looking for more work, meeting new people. I'm doing stuff and I thought I'd be tweeting more often or taking more photos. Instead, I'm really living the moment. I don't remember to take…Read more Social Media Game: Weak / Poor

I’ve been verified (Manila Bulletin)

Guess who got published today? I wrote this piece last year after, on a whim, I decided to get myself verified on Twitter. It was a relatively simple procedure, surprisingly, but I had a lot of existential questions that came along with the whole exercise. These are my thoughts on the matter. It feels really…Read more I’ve been verified (Manila Bulletin)

Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)

So I'm predictable. So what? I was one of the people who had said that 2016 was "challenging" and "difficult." I had said that many times on this blog even. And I meant it. Just three days ago, on the evening of the 29th, I submitted a script -- my last deadline for 2016 --…Read more Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)

Hanging Out featured in Out Magazine

Since we've premiered last night, our pilot episode for Hanging Out has been viewed over a hundred thousand times on Facebook and we trended on Twitter. The response has been overwhelming. I even saw a couple of Twitter threads providing a blow by blow critique of the show. People have raised concerns and, on the…Read more Hanging Out featured in Out Magazine