the back burner

The world is in flux right now and that's putting it mildly. And if I'm to be honest, it's been on my mind. And while I've been working on a lot of scripts and ideas and stories, I'm having trouble working on them because my mind drifts towards what's going on in the world now.…Read more the back burner

corrupt by association

I would like to think I'm political. I mean, I try to keep myself updated in Philippine politics and I can engage in discussions about politics and the affairs of the country with some level of competency that affords me my opinions: I pay my taxes, I vote, I participate in some online petitions, and…Read more corrupt by association

random musings 3.16.15

Changing Skins So, I've been thinking of changing the lay-out for this blog. I've actually been thinking about it as far back as last year -- thinking I would have the time to do it for the start of 2015, but I just didn't have the time. It wasn't a high priority and family was…Read more random musings 3.16.15