fly away home

One of my best friends came home from a trip the other day and we hung out with our other friends and we got drunk and she told me things and it got really deep and profound, talking about life and life choices, and the wine us really hard and I got to telling her…Read more fly away home

keeping in touch

I have family and friends scattered all over the world and I would like to think I do pretty good job in keeping in touch with them through apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype and through various social media like Instagram and Facebook. As I got older, I discovered that friendship is not about proximity…Read more keeping in touch


As the date of my eventual return to my home city comes ¬†closer, I am starting to get apprehensive. I've kept in touch with family and friends and my city through the Internet and saw what was happening over news and photos shared over social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Often enough, I…Read more apprehensions

adeu de Barcelona

Barcelona has been a lot of fun. It's definitely massive and awe-inspiring and I have a lot to say about the city; but it also comes from having been to Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Algarve) and Madrid. I have a way of describing each city but I will save that for a future project, a…Read more adeu de Barcelona

settling down and breaking through

It's starting to happen. This is the amazing thing about being here for more than just a week or two. Being in Portugal for close to two months allows me the time to really take in the world. I am not rushing to compile as many moments as I could to make the most of…Read more settling down and breaking through

Magellan’s home gets visitors from the Philippines

So, on a road trip to Porto, my brother, his family, and I had to pass by the town of Sabrosa for work. Sabrosa is the birthplace of Ferdinand Magellan and, it did not escape me: the historicity of a Filipino family visiting the Portuguese sailor who discovered the Philippines for Spain back in the…Read more Magellan’s home gets visitors from the Philippines