T’yanak (full trailer)

T'yanak Directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes Starring Judy Ann Santos, Solenn Heussaff, Tom Rodriguez, and Sid Lucero     Opens in all SM Cinemas on October 29, 2014.


T’yanak Teaser

Savage murders terrify the once-quiet town of Puting Bato, and the chief suspect is the foundling baby who has won the heart of Julie (Judy Ann Santos). Her brother Mark (Tom Rodriguez) and his fiancee Madie (Solenn Heussaff) become the target of the T’yanak. A widower who lost his wife in a vicious T’yanak attack…Read more T’yanak Teaser

and what would you say to your future self?

Last year, I helped out my friend, director Bia Catbagan, on a personal project, a documentary of sorts gathering a group of 20-somethings in Manila and asked them: "What would you say to your future self?" After a year of compiling hours and hours of footage, transcribing, editing, and forming a clear narrative, the film…Read more and what would you say to your future self?

Not catching The Fault in Our Stars (on the first day)

So, today The Fault in Our Stars is opening and I can't get to watch it. I wrote this blog entry in advance because I am in the beach with my cousin and my uncle and aunt and I'm getting away from the city and the world for awhile and reconnect with the sea. I…Read more Not catching The Fault in Our Stars (on the first day)

Sonata: the special screening

Amidst the torrential rain and what would later become another disaster level typhoon/monsoon; we held a special screening of our film, Sonata, for friends, family, and the amazing people who helped put this movie together. If anything, this work would not have been possible without the support and generosity of so many people. I think…Read more Sonata: the special screening

Now You See Me (official trailer)

They had me at Jesse Eisenberg. But add magicians who rob banks, Mark Ruffalo, and THOSE special effects sequences and I'm already in line waiting to buy my tickets. Like, really. I mean... whoa! This looks awesome. I have this love-hate relationship with Isla Fisher. Not that we know each other. But I've enjoyed her…Read more Now You See Me (official trailer)