broken record

I'm boring. I struggle to write here because I've just been like a broken record. Same old thing day-in and day-out. Still working on the script, still broke as fuck, still just getting by, not seeing my friends, still love teaching, still wishing that I could just teach and not have to do anything else.…Read more broken record


sinking deeper

I wanted this. I needed it, to be honest. I'm sinking deeper in all the work I have to do. I have become so busy that my life has become a routine of shoot, write, teach, sleep, eat, repeat and, even though I strangely am enjoying the routine, I know that in the long run…Read more sinking deeper

it was irresponsible but I needed to get away

I just got back from my friend's lake house in Caliraya. Cat and her family have always been such great hosts and I was so glad that they invited me over just this weekend. I really, really needed a chance to recharge and just relax. I foolishly brought my laptop with me thinking I was…Read more it was irresponsible but I needed to get away