Clean Slate (Team Magazine)

My essay on intimacy, which was published in Team magazine, was uploaded on the site's blog last August. I only found out about it recently. If you want to read my thoughts on what I've learned about intimacy as a single gay man who has chosen to be celibate, here's the link: Clean Slate (link…Read more Clean Slate (Team Magazine)

I Met a Stranger in Barrio Alto (Team magazine)

Team magazine's Editor-in-Chief (and my good friend), Paolo Lorenzana, told me a few months ago that the sixth issue of Team magazine would be about travel. He wanted a travel story, a gay perspective on traveling, and if I had any story that I wanted to share, I should send him something. I had been…Read more I Met a Stranger in Barrio Alto (Team magazine)

no exit here

There is a poetry competition that I took interest in. I don't really take too much stock on competitions because I know that it's really just based on certain individuals aesthetics -- but I figured I needed to win some if I was going to get any sort of credibility and to help get more…Read more no exit here


My book, Remnants, has slowed down in sales considerably at the beginning of the year. I was selling about five or six copies a month and then when 2016 came, it totally stopped completely. I expected as much. Poetry doesn't have a huge market and I'm practically a nobody. I thought it was going to…Read more impatient

This Is Not a Vacation

I am here to rest, get stronger, and get better but this is not a vacation. My parents, worried about my health, has insisted they take over my social responsibilities -- paying for the food on my table, the roof over my head, my medical costs -- just so that I can get back on…Read more This Is Not a Vacation