Livewires: Catch These Shows (

By the end of 2014, I was suffering from information overload. I was in Europe for 55 days and I came home to The Imaginarium and caught as many shows as I could, some days I caught two or three shows, and I had to process all of these as quickly as I could and…Read more Livewires: Catch These Shows (

movement with Daloy Dance Company

I'm a dance nut. I've always been since I was a little kid. I'd put on CDs in our living room sound system and dance to musicals and film scores that my Dad had and would just dance for hours. My parents asked me at ten years old if I wanted to take dance class…Read more movement with Daloy Dance Company

Let’s Get Crazy at The Imaginarium

Back in college, when I was taking poetry with Dr. Marjorie Evasco, we were all given a poetic movement to do a report on and I was given Surrealism to give a report on and I had to talk about Andre Breton and Dada and I was fascinated by the style but it was never…Read more Let’s Get Crazy at The Imaginarium