yesterday was a good day

I woke up yesterday coming from a particularly busy but very pleasant Friday. I had traveled all the way to San Juan to visit my dad and my brother, who are here from Bacolod for the weekend. Yesterday was the only day they had that was free to hang out with Datu and I because…Read more yesterday was a good day

Hanging Out | episode 6 | Just Us

And the season finale. Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Patrick Valencia. Working on this show has been such a powerful experience for me. I've really, really come to learn more about myself and being a part of the community. I find that it is so fitting that it airs the same day that Moonlight…Read more Hanging Out | episode 6 | Just Us

Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Tomorrow, we air the season finale of our passion project, the web series Hanging Out, but last night we had a season ender party at Commune. The bands MOONWLK and actor/singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo performed sets, including the songs they so graciously let us use for the show. They aired all the episodes, from…Read more Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Hang Over — Hanging Out’s Finale Screening Party

I can't come to this. If you're in town, I hope that you get to go. Have a cold one for me and enjoy the show. From the event page on Facebook: Hanging Out over and least for the season. Live performances by Moonwlk & Juan Miguel Severo right before a special pre-stream screening…Read more Hang Over — Hanging Out’s Finale Screening Party

back in Bacolod

I've been back for about two days now and I'm starting to settle again. My Manila trip was full of energy and potential and promise. Everything is different for me now. People are responding to me differently. Exciting opportunities are opening themselves up to me. My relationships with my friends have gotten deeper. I've gotten…Read more back in Bacolod

Hanging Out | Episode 4 | Coming Close

My favorite episode in the series. I have yet to see the edit of episode 5 (which I wrote) and of episode 6 (which Patrick Valencia wrote). I love the whole season, as a whole, but for many reasons -- some more obvious than others -- this is my favorite episode yet. Written and directed…Read more Hanging Out | Episode 4 | Coming Close