third eye

I used to read Tarot cards when I was younger. And I have to say, I was pretty good at it back then. A lot of the people I read for said that I was able to illuminate the dark corners of their issues at hand. I somehow broke through and opened up new avenues…Read more third eye


Penny Dreadful: I cannot wait for this show!

My Dad pointed out a trailer he saw on Facebook a few months back and when I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor. There's just so much about this show that excites me: Victorian London, gothic horror, the supernatural, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and then when I did more research, I found out…Read more Penny Dreadful: I cannot wait for this show!

monsters in my bed

** This was an article I wrote for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, when I used to write for Super. It was published in November 1, 2009. The online version can be found here. It was edited and told the whole point from the very beginning, which I didn't like. Can't find my original version anymore,…Read more monsters in my bed