midlife, crisis

I'm almost forty and I've been going through a really strange shift in perspective. I don't know but I feel like I'm second guessing everything I've been doing lately and I cannot seem to feel content with any of the choices I've made since the year started. Is this what people call midlife crisis? I…Read more midlife, crisis


so it’s been a year

The TimeHop app just showed me that exactly one year ago, No Filter had its Press Preview, its first public performance, and my book Remnants was made available online. Wow. So it's been a year. My book barely made a dent. It didn't do as well as I had hoped or planned. I underestimated the…Read more so it’s been a year


August is almost over and I spent most of it in a daze. Yes, this is still a post about No Filter and the aftermath that has sent me reeling into unknown territory. I've been listless, practically inert, this whole weekend. I am suffering from the pains of what is known as sepanx (separation anxiety)…Read more shell-shocked

what is poor anyway?

So I posted an article I read that someone posted on Facebook. It was about how the Millennial Generation are the poorest when compared to other generations at that age. I read the article and it raises a few valid points -- like how the Baby Boomers left the world in such a state that…Read more what is poor anyway?