movement with Daloy Dance Company

I'm a dance nut. I've always been since I was a little kid. I'd put on CDs in our living room sound system and dance to musicals and film scores that my Dad had and would just dance for hours. My parents asked me at ten years old if I wanted to take dance class…Read more movement with Daloy Dance Company


yoga at home

A few weeks before I left for my Eurotrip, I was in such a hurry getting things done that I had no time for yoga. I think I was able to only take one or two classes the month before I left. When I got to Portugal, I was walking so much that I'd come…Read more yoga at home

Beyond Yoga: a start of something new (I hope)

I got a call last Thursday from my friend Kate that said a new yoga studio was opening near our home and for that day, they were holding free yoga classes to open the studio. I have always wanted to do yoga but found so many reasons not to make it a weekly thing, one…Read more Beyond Yoga: a start of something new (I hope)

off the press

I was all written-out, to be honest, hence the lack of any real update. It has been a bit harrowing. I sort of became this monster on the release of Sonata, constantly searching for any kind of affirmation that the work we did would be appreciated. And it was, and it wasn't enough. It wasn't…Read more off the press