Advice (protection)

Ssshhh... not articulate, do not give yourself away; do not reveal, or give up what you know   you do not make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up to their scrutiny they have no right to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone, on your skin, not even your fallen hair or that tear…Read more Advice (protection)

a friend in need

As the Philippines enters into a complete and total pause -- as it always does during the week of Easter -- and most of the people living in Manila (and in all the cities all over the country, to be exact) are rushing out to the nearest beach or mountain to enjoy the extremely long…Read more a friend in need

I just saw Still Alice

Last night, Dad and I watched Still Alice and I was totally destroyed by the film. A friend of ours lent us the copy and said that, while Julianne Moore was really good, it isn't anything we haven't seen from her before, and that, in the end, the movie wasn't that good. I don't know…Read more I just saw Still Alice

no one said it would be easy

I remember a song by Sheryl Crow from her first album, Tuesday Night Music Club, where she sings in the chorus: No one said it would be easy But no one said it would be this hard I can see things coming together, though, but it is an uphill climb, really. It's a struggle just…Read more no one said it would be easy