My friend Cat messaged me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to join her and her family and friends to their lake house in Caliraya for the long weekend. I looked at my schedule and saw that I had nothing on those dates and just said, "I'm coming along. Thank you."…Read more getaway


stretched so thin

I don't care about how much it costs, I have to go to the beach really soon. I'm exhausted and tired and my mind is stretched out to a point where it is so thin that everything is falling through it. The term ends at the first week of August. When my grades are in…Read more stretched so thin

Almost ready for the break

These days, I'm just finishing off grading the last of my papers and then I don't have anything else that's pressing so I can focus on my scripts. I've been so stressed out but in a good way. Things are ending. This term is ending and I can see a stretch of days where I…Read more Almost ready for the break


I got an e-mail yesterday from my doctor telling me that my lab results have come in. Your routine labs are acceptable. Your CD4 is 526 (21.76%) from previous of 498 (18.4%) done last July. Congratulations, good job. It's the first time since I've been diagnosed with HIV in 2008 that my CD4 is above…Read more 526

the significance of sleep

A 9-hour meeting. I was in a 9-hour meeting yesterday that ended all in shit. I almost lost it. This is one of the reasons why I decided to stay a freelancer and not bother with the tediousness of the corporate world. I don't discount the processes of the corporation. It works. That's why they…Read more the significance of sleep