The Other Side Monologues (Call for Submissions)

Signal boosting for The Red Whistle. Check out link here: The Other Side Monologues (link / Google Document)


a master of something

I've been really itching and aching to study again. I've become very politicised lately but I don't know how to use my art as an instrument for my politics. At the same time, I don't want to use art merely as a political tool. I still want it to be about craft and telling compelling…Read more a master of something

We’re on each other’s team…

I got a call from my good friend and Team editor-in-chief, Paolo Lorenzana, the other day. I had submitted a piece, an essay I wrote about intimacy, hoping I had made it for the 4th issue of Team. He really liked my essay, said it was the strongest one I've written, but I had missed…Read more We’re on each other’s team…

A View from the Monster’s Perch

They gather here, in the afternoon with a packed sandwich and a bottle of still water, still cold from the freezer; and at night, they carry their bottles of beer, plastic cups of caipirinhas or cuba libres   And they talk, gesticulating every word and the vibrations are carried across over the Tagus River towards…Read more A View from the Monster’s Perch

the metro ride home last Saturday

Last Saturday, in Barcelona, I had made a decision to go out. In Madrid, I went wherever Tals said we would go as it was her city and I was to meet her friends and to hang out the way she does in Madrid, which I'm perfectly happy with. In Portugal, I was not prepared…Read more the metro ride home last Saturday

Silverlens Storytelling Day

Yesterday, I made the time to spend an evening with Kate and Morx. Kate, being on the mailing list of Silverlens Gallery (I'm on the mailing list too and saw the e-mail but didn't really pay much attention) on a Storytelling Day. She wanted to do something different and I'm always willing to do something…Read more Silverlens Storytelling Day