something stable and constant

I woke up early today to go to a meeting for a new client. It's another freelance job. It's writing a concept and a script for a corporate anniversary video. The agency I'm working with is new but the client that we both have is an old one that I had worked for before. After…Read more something stable and constant


No One Said It Would Be Easy (Sheryl Crow)

I'm barely getting by. There are days when I question the choices I've made in the past. I could've been more financially stable had I been more practical, more frugal, less frivolous. I believe in living. It's now come to bite me in the ass. No one said it would be easy But no one…Read more No One Said It Would Be Easy (Sheryl Crow)

Bacolod for the weekend

I arrived last Friday because I was invited to give a talk on screenwriting at the Negros Museum for the FDCP. The FDCP sponsored my trip back home and I asked to stay for the weekend to be with my parents but at the same time, it was a chance for me to get myself…Read more Bacolod for the weekend

gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

I'm going to be so swamped this August. I've stopped accepting work right now because it's insane. The amount of work I have to finish before the month ends. But it's okay to be saying no to new work right now because I'm going to be stable and okay until November. I have breathing space,…Read more gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

what is poor anyway?

So I posted an article I read that someone posted on Facebook. It was about how the Millennial Generation are the poorest when compared to other generations at that age. I read the article and it raises a few valid points -- like how the Baby Boomers left the world in such a state that…Read more what is poor anyway?