Bigkas Pilipinas on Radio Inquirer — July 28, 11pm

So this is happening... I think I've said it before. I really like radio. This is going to be fun. And Franz and Ginny are good friends and, of course, there's Kooky. July 28, 11pm on Radio Inquirer. Tune in, if you're so inclined.


The Millennial Experience | Jam Pascual | TEDxTaftAve

I'll admit that I've always wanted to give a TED Talks. I can't help it. I want to share what I know and what I've experienced and somehow, being invited to give a TED Talks would be some sort of signifier that I've done something or I know something good enough to be asked to…Read more The Millennial Experience | Jam Pascual | TEDxTaftAve

Things to do on August

No Filter ends on August 2 (insert sad face here) and while we are gearing up for our last weekend, I'm also looking ahead -- as far as August -- to get my life back together and, of course, there's a lot of work to be done. I have to get back to a state…Read more Things to do on August

getting busy again

Haven't had time to post because I've just been all over the place. Work has been steady, which is good, and I'm not complaining. Lots of shows coming up and I got to see a Unearthing, a work-in-progress by Ea Torrado with members of the Daloy Dance Company for Karnabal Festival, and followed it up…Read more getting busy again

more published work — Team Mag and Juice

The Labor Day weekend sent editorial at Juice for a loop or something because a lot of articles I had written for them last week only came out this week. I wrote a review of Words Anonymous' anniversary show, where I went into a few more details than I did in my blog entry. You…Read more more published work — Team Mag and Juice

a Sunday at the Pinto Art Gallery

Last Sunday, my best friend Cez and I went to the Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo. She said it was a great place to just get away from the city, see some great art, and find a place to sit down and just write. I was quite amazed at the size of the place. Up…Read more a Sunday at the Pinto Art Gallery

Words Anonymous: Spoken Word Rockstars

Last Saturday, I attended the Words Anonymous anniversary spoken word event, One, as their special guest and was so honoured when they asked me to introduce the group prior to their performance. It was so nice because everything about the show was so professional and thought out. It wasn't just another monthly spoken word event…Read more Words Anonymous: Spoken Word Rockstars