got a call from Viva

I was in the middle of writing when I got a text from my Tita June Rufino, who works at Viva. She was my dad's manager back when he was still active in the industry and she's a family friend. When dad semi-retired, we haven't heard from Tita June in a while because she's extremely…Read more got a call from Viva


yesterday was a good day

I woke up yesterday coming from a particularly busy but very pleasant Friday. I had traveled all the way to San Juan to visit my dad and my brother, who are here from Bacolod for the weekend. Yesterday was the only day they had that was free to hang out with Datu and I because…Read more yesterday was a good day

four years as an artist

I was always afraid to call myself an artist when I was younger. I was writing all the time and I definitely had ambitions but I had such high regard for artists and what they do that I was not ever going to call myself one until I felt that I had earned that right.…Read more four years as an artist

things falling into place

So I was chatting with one of my friends in New York because it was his birthday today. Well, it's his birthday today if he were here in the Philippines but it isn't yet his birthday there in New York; so it was quite a funny discussion about time zones. We were talking about a…Read more things falling into place

Sonata — now available on HOOQ

The film I wrote, Sonata, which was nominated at the Asian International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) and where Cherie Gil won a Best Actress trophy at the AIFFA is now available online through HOOQ. There are still no DVDs available but you can watch it online through the service of HOOQ. So, please,…Read more Sonata — now available on HOOQ

Sonata screening at Manila Cinematheque on January 8

Sonata, a film I wrote and directed by my Dad and Lore Reyes back in 2013, will be screening at the Manila Cinematheque on January 8. I found out from this article from Film Police Reviews. Check it out. Co-produced by the Film Development Board of the Philippines (FDCP), Sonata still manages to find a…Read more Sonata screening at Manila Cinematheque on January 8