I spent the whole day yesterday doing advocacy work again. I kinda missed it, really. Last year, I really only did one HIV talk at a school event and I've been lax in my large-scale advocacy work as of late. I've been focused on my own life and my recovery. I've given myself some distance…Read more #TogetherPH

it doesn’t feel like work

I'm on a very tight budget this Manila trip. I haven't done any real, proper work all of last year as I was just recovering in Bacolod, away from my network. I've managed a few jobs here and there but that didn't quite give me enough capital to really go all out on this Manila…Read more it doesn’t feel like work

grinding again

No, this is not a post about Grindr. I don't see myself coming back to that app anytime soon, if ever. This is about a project I'm working on that required me to be out of town for a two-day shoot. Through a friend, I landed a project where I get to redesign and reimagine…Read more grinding again