Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH

I was hanging out at Pineapple Lab a few weeks ago when I was introduced to someone who was happy to meet me. Apparently, she has heard of me and what I've done. Her name was Ross and she asked if I could speak at Social Media Day, a completely volunteer, non-profit event that brings…Read more Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH


a post about writing

I was asked to be a speaker and a panelist for a writing workshop here in Bacolod. I'm quite excited for it. So much has been said about my HIV advocacy but not much has been said about my being a writer, considering that I've been working professionally as a writer since I was fourteen…Read more a post about writing

my first talk on poetry

Last Saturday, I gave my first talk on poetry. I've been giving a lot of HIV talks since I became public with my status in 2008 and the objective of those talks are very different. Yes, they are both personal and they are both done in the hopes that people's lives will be enriched; but…Read more my first talk on poetry