Words Anonymous: Spoken Word Rockstars

Last Saturday, I attended the Words Anonymous anniversary spoken word event, One, as their special guest and was so honoured when they asked me to introduce the group prior to their performance. It was so nice because everything about the show was so professional and thought out. It wasn't just another monthly spoken word event…Read more Words Anonymous: Spoken Word Rockstars


Guesting on For Word and by Word (Episode 8)

So, I guested on the Thinking Man's Classroom show For Word and by Word with Kooky Tuason. I guested with poet and educator, Blackheart, and musician Joee and I. In the episode, I get to read my poem Shed, which is kind of cool, because I really, really like that piece. Check it out here:…Read more Guesting on For Word and by Word (Episode 8)

One. Words Anonymous

So I've been invited to perform one of my pieces at the anniversary event of Words Anonymous. I was so honoured to have been asked and said "yes" immediately and then I saw their poster and I was shocked my name would be on it. I just saw today, on Facebook, that they are at…Read more One. Words Anonymous

Navigating These Spaces

I hadn't read my poetry out loud in public in a long while. I used to do it often back in the early part of 2000 at Sanctum. I had gotten so comfortable with walking up on stage and reading my work that I would begin with a bit of a story at the beginning…Read more Navigating These Spaces

These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

Last night, I was at the White Wall Poetry event These SpacesĀ at Sev's Cafe for Fringe Manila and I am so thankful that they took a video of my performance (Thank you, Franz Pantaleon!). Here's me, reading my poem Primitive (or Love in the Time of Mobile Internet and Grindr): *** Primitive (or Love in…Read more These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

defining THESE SPACES (Fringe Manila)

Fringe Manila is happening and there will be overĀ 90 artists, groups, and companies performing over 300 shows in venues scattered all around Manila for the 2015 Fringe Festival. It's going to be crazy and having to choose between all the possibilities is going to be exhausting. But I'll do it. A lot of great companies…Read more defining THESE SPACES (Fringe Manila)

This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

So I should be at the beach and this entry is being written right before I leave the house to meet up with my cousin and my uncle and aunt to ride with them to our little mid-week getaway. I just came from judging a poetry slam at Sev's Cafe in Roxas Boulevard. I heard…Read more This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now