not like other people

Nothing makes me feel less like an outsider than my Instagram feed. A large, large percentage of my Instagram feed are my friends and people I work with and people I actually know. I marvel at the world that they see and capture on photographs. It interests me how they see themselves and they see…Read more not like other people


Could I be a closet introvert?

I read this article What Every Empath will try to hide from you and I know the headline is very click-bait-y but I haven't read much on empaths online and I believe that I am one. I wanted to know what these articles say about them and if I really fall under that category. Reading the…Read more Could I be a closet introvert?

nine years ago, today

Every year, on this day, I write about having been diagnosed with HIV. It happened nine years ago today. I got a call from the clinic telling me to come over to receive the results of my HIV test in person. I didn't know about the procedure back then. I complained about having to go…Read more nine years ago, today

needing and not wanting

I was going to write about getting exhausted. I was going to write about how I've got so much on my plate and I seem to be unable to muster up my forces to face them and conquer them. I had a few weeks of inactivity; moving in and getting settled has taken a toll…Read more needing and not wanting

Thirty-Four today (and five more than I thought I’d ever have)

Today, I turned thirty-four. Wow. I can still remember when I was still a teen-ager and I couldn't wait to be all grown up and now, I'm "all grown up" and I love it. I am loving it. I said, back when I turned thirty that thirty was the best age ever. I was wrong.…Read more Thirty-Four today (and five more than I thought I’d ever have)