Full Moon Honesty

Last night, I hung out with Jam Pascual, an incredible writer who I had the absolute privilege to work with during No Filter. We were both head writers for the play and we, together with Toff De Venecia, went over all the submitted pieces and edited them and that includes his work as well, and…Read more Full Moon Honesty

Twice in a Row

I missed Kylie Minogue when she performed in Manila sometime around 2011. I think it was 2011. I was in Bacolod, recuperating from a near-death experience from meningitis, complications due to my HIV status. I had tickets already to that concert. I just had to fly to Manila (and I had already bought the plane…Read more Twice in a Row

Advice (protection)

Ssshhh...   ...do not articulate, do not give yourself away; do not reveal, or give up what you know   you do not make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up to their scrutiny they have no right to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone, on your skin, not even your fallen hair or that tear…Read more Advice (protection)