it’s begun

I just got through a really tough two days last Thursday. It was grueling. I had a deadline for three of five segments of my documentary while the threat of another rewrite for my film was looming overhead. And when Friday came, exhausted from writing the whole day of Thursday, I came to school with…Read more it’s begun



This year and last year were learning years. I was getting used to how getting older is affecting me -- both physically and emotionally. I'm not young anymore. I don't have the mental constitution that I used to. Emotionally, I can't not live my life and just throw myself at work. I really have to…Read more limits

Almost ready for the break

These days, I'm just finishing off grading the last of my papers and then I don't have anything else that's pressing so I can focus on my scripts. I've been so stressed out but in a good way. Things are ending. This term is ending and I can see a stretch of days where I…Read more Almost ready for the break

Words and moving pictures (Panorama)

So I wrote something for Panorama in their book issue last November and I only got to see it recently on the online edition. I had almost forgotten I had written it. It's a long piece about how reading books on Scriptwriting, to teach in class, made me realize things about myself as a Scriptwriter.…Read more Words and moving pictures (Panorama)


I'm kinda weirded out today. I showed my class at College of St. Benilde┬áRashomon to discuss cinematic adaptations and found them less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. I have about eight students who share their thoughts and insights but the majority of them are just sitting there. I don't know. I hope they are…Read more realignment