a day when all of this is done

I think I'm exhausted. Right now, I have a backlog of work that's piling up and a whole lot of work ahead of me with regards to the classes I'm going to be teaching. I still have scripts to write and I haven't even started on a fiction piece for the collection of stories I…Read more a day when all of this is done

getting back on track

I just heard a rumor that I might be teaching next term. Well, it's not really a rumor, I guess, but more like someone was told something that hasn't been told to me just yet. I don't know. I think it's weird that a stranger heard the news before I did. There's no official word…Read more getting back on track

Hit the Ground Running

I got to Manila and hit the ground running. I arrived, practically just dumped my luggage at my friend Cez's place, said hello and then rushed off to meet with the other writers of Hanging Out to discuss the changes we were making for the season. We had a deadline to submit episode 3 and…Read more Hit the Ground Running

a $250 million movie

I've been thinking about movies a lot lately. I guess it's having seen all the nine films of the recent CineFilipino (and really falling in love with Ned's Project, Star Na Si Van Damme Stallone, and my favourite Kung Sakaling Hindi Makarating), and all the other films I've been watching since then. Then today, I…Read more a $250 million movie