grad school

I really want to pursue my grad school plans. I've become more and more invested in my teaching career and I know now that I can do this as my regular job and still write for the film industry. If I have a Masters degree, I'd probably get promoted to a higher teaching position, which…Read more grad school


I got the e-mail. I was at Cez's place and we were just catching up as I hadn't seen her in more than a week and she has just gotten back from a ten-day trip with her family island hopping in the Visayas. Quite a bit has happened in those ten days and we were…Read more thirteen

a master of something

I've been really itching and aching to study again. I've become very politicised lately but I don't know how to use my art as an instrument for my politics. At the same time, I don't want to use art merely as a political tool. I still want it to be about craft and telling compelling…Read more a master of something