If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan)

I saw a note I had written in my phone and it said "Karen Souza -- Never Tear Us Apart" and I was wondering why I wrote that down. I knew it was a song so I went on Spotify and checked it out and it was a pretty damn good jazz version of the…Read more If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan)

“It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

I was watching the first season of Peaky Blinders over the weekend with my Dad and at the end of the fifth episode, a powerful scene was punctuated by a very familiar song that I could actually sing along to and my Dad wasn't aware of it (or didn't remember it) and he asked me,…Read more “It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

my CD collection

Being home again in Bacolod means I have access to my CD collection -- probably the only thing I've ever collected and it ranges from the first CD I've ever bought (the Reality Bites soundtrack back in the early 90s) all the way to 2006 or 2007 when I was still buying CDs but slowly…Read more my CD collection

world’s on fire

I find myself returning to 2004, when Sarah McLachlan released World on Fire. The video opened people's eyes to what it cost to make a music video and what it meant, equivalently to other people, less fortunate people, all over the world. Now, I read articles and see photos of Typhoon Yolanda's destruction over the…Read more world’s on fire