I haven't been going out at all these past few weeks. It's probably even been a whole month that I've just been going straight home after work and just staying home, even on the weekends. I just haven't been in the mood to go out. I just seem to prefer to stay home to work,…Read more homebody

One month to go

My dreams have become very, very vivid as of late. I don't know why, I don't think I'm sleeping any better. Not especially since, in a month's time, I'm going back to Manila for a visit. I'm going back to Manila to vote. I wasn't planning on voting this year. Every year since I was…Read more One month to go

What I’m holding on to

My brother went to Manila for a week and he got back a few days back. He was attending a wedding and he asked me if there was anything I had left in Manila that I need while I'm here. I left in such a rush and I wasn't well so I wasn't thinking straight,…Read more What I’m holding on to

Opening Day calls for On a High (Duncan Sheik)

After today's opening of No Filter (we had an afternoon matinee and an evening gala), we were feeling very high because our cast came out swinging and we were so well-received by everyone who came to watch, or at least the ones who enjoyed themselves were not afraid to show their appreciation. We heard so…Read more Opening Day calls for On a High (Duncan Sheik)

Livewires: Catch These Shows (Juice.ph)

By the end of 2014, I was suffering from information overload. I was in Europe for 55 days and I came home to The Imaginarium and caught as many shows as I could, some days I caught two or three shows, and I had to process all of these as quickly as I could and…Read more Livewires: Catch These Shows (Juice.ph)

and so much more from the Theater Scene

So I made a request if I can talk about theatre as much as I do movies in my blog at Juice. I've been so involved in theatre since 2012 and catching up with as much as a I can since I got re-indoctrinated into the scene. I've been making friends with the community so…Read more and so much more from the Theater Scene