underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb

This is a scheduled post. Yesterday, I got in my friend Lance's car and together we drove to La Union to meet up with our friend DC to hang out for a day and a night at the beach and celebrate Lance's last few days as a bachelor. Next month, he's getting married and our…Read more underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb


Just when I needed it, an opportunity came my way to get out of the city for a few days and visit a beach. My friend Charley and I will be taking a bus to Dumaguete and then taking a little side trip to Dauin for a couple of nights at the beach. I asked…Read more getaway

what i needed

Okay, so I figured out pretty late in the game, that I am suffering from depression. I have no reason to be depressed -- everything's pretty much fine -- but all the symptoms are there. The dip in my productivity, the inactivity, the lack of drive and focus, and this hiding-away-from-the-world bullshit. That's not me…Read more what i needed