It might be over soon

I woke up today with this article (and similar ones to this all over my FB newsfeed): HIV cure close after disease 'vanishes' from blood of British man (link / Telegraph) I was overwhelmed. I didn't actually believe that I would be alive to see the cure for HIV. I didn't think it was going…Read more It might be over soon

Better People

Okay, this is going to be a long one. And I'm going to try to stay calm. This is going to be about HIV. A few days ago, I got a message from someone I had met a long while back through Grindr when I still had Grindr. We never met up but we used…Read more Better People

Why can’t we be safe?

This morning, I ended up chatting with a friend. He was asking for another friend who had a casual sexual encounter with someone. Drugs were involved and unprotected sex and he was scared that he might have gotten infected with HIV. This person was asking my friend when was the best time to get tested…Read more Why can’t we be safe?

Let’s Talk About Sex (YoungStar article, July 5, 2013)

** I was rummaging through my things and found a newspaper dated July 5 and I was wondering why I had kept the newspaper until I looked through the pages and saw an article I had written. It was an article I wrote for YoungStar on safe sex that I was asked to write. I…Read more Let’s Talk About Sex (YoungStar article, July 5, 2013)