the disappearing trick

I've always been into astrology but never in the way that I've been into it the way I am now. I think becoming friends with Apa and Jessie have opened me up more into it. Apa and Jessie are both very, very knowledgeable about the zodiac and I've come to learn and become more aware…Read more the disappearing trick


High/Low (contra rant)

I feel mental, like I'm going insane or something with such drastic mood shifts. The last entry I have is about how angry I am at myself and how it's so hard for me to find any silver lining in this dark cloud situation that I have put myself in. I was angry and depressed…Read more High/Low (contra rant)

lists (a rant)

Count your blessings they say. Make a list of the things you are grateful for instead of the things you want they tell you. Those are the methods to being a happy person. I was really good at that until the list of things I could be grateful for got stuck to something like my…Read more lists (a rant)


...and if I stay silent will they take that against me? Will that be received with closed fists, raised eyebrows, and a spiteful heart? It's okay, they say, to be sad. Grieve.   You are allowed this moment of brokenness. But on their way home, when the rains come, they scramble¬†for umbrellas or the shade…Read more silent

the saddest thing is sometimes not a thing

Maybe it happens on some tawdry little part of your day -- like washing the dishes, or sending that joke via Viber -- or maybe it slips in, slinks its way into the moments until you have no other choice but to realise it is there   and it is there   That moment has…Read more the saddest thing is sometimes not a thing

dancing in limbo

It was one of those days. I woke up and nobody was home. My brother and my Dad had a shoot and so I had the house all to myself. I wasn't feeling all so put together and decided to stay home. I started working and I came across one of my projects slowly going…Read more dancing in limbo