Bare but Extremely Verbose, ‘Lungs’ Demands Your Attention (ClickTheCity)

My second theater review for ClickTheCity is out now and it's for the staging of Duncan MacMillan's play Lungs, produced by The Sandbox Collective. And it's a hell of a production. I got to see the special press screening before opening night and it was already together. There was just some fine tuning that needed to…Read more Bare but Extremely Verbose, ‘Lungs’ Demands Your Attention (ClickTheCity)


The Last Two Days

This trip is at an end. Sab's concert was an eye-opener for me. It opened up my heart into all the possibilities that I never quite imagined for myself since I was just so afraid of putting myself out there, really out there, and I was probably just so afraid of the rejection. And the…Read more The Last Two Days

Taking Flight

Last night, I saw Sab Jose take flight. I met Sab during No Filter. She's partners with Toff in The Sandbox Collective and when we were working on No Filter, she handled all the marketing and PR and she was the assistant director and acting coach for the play. We got close, of course, like…Read more Taking Flight

The No Filter book launch!

Would you believe I really did mean to blog here but I never got to because I got really busy? Several days before the launch, we got busy getting things done and ready. We even found time -- Toff de Venecia, Sab Jose, and myself -- to sit down with Paolo Valenciano, who we ask…Read more The No Filter book launch!

No Filter (the book)

I've teased about it, I think. Made mention that we were cooking something up; we being the lovely guys and gals of The Sandbox Collective, the cast and artistic team of No Filter, and Summit Books. And now we can finally talk about it. ​​ It's the main reason why I flew back to Manila. I…Read more No Filter (the book)

forged on stage (a No Filter post)

My Dad is consulting director for a community theatre project here in Bacolod. Thrice a week, he goes off to help out direct a staging of an Ilonggo adaptation of Anatomiya ng Korupsyon by Malou Jacob with some local theatre actors here and the following day, he shares his experiences with my Mom and I about…Read more forged on stage (a No Filter post)

No Filter: The Press Con

Yesterday, at Privato Hotel, we held our press con for No Filter: Let's Talk About Me. Six of our cast of eight (there are 3 roles with alternates) were there and the whole Sandbox Collective team was there working their butts off to make sure everything just went exactly how we wanted it and while…Read more No Filter: The Press Con