Getting Weird

So a few days ago, I had a really long talk on my Facebook wall over an article I had posted. The article I posted from The Telegraph, 'Cool' London is dead, and the rich kids are to blame, sparked a discussion and, usually, my Facebook wall is just a whole lot of crazy, funny…Read more Getting Weird


it’s about time: collating begins

Had a very interesting discussion, through Facebook chat, with a good friend, Mara. She's one of the few people that I know who actually asks me about my poems and who, I feel, recognises my distinct need to create poetry. She told me she likes my work. I get tickled pink every time she shows…Read more it’s about time: collating begins

Heads Better Roll

The Philippine government has failed the country. I'm not particularly adept at talking about politics. I only became politically conscious later on in my late twenties. I was trying too hard to be an artist and left the political arena to the ones who are better suited to the task. I just paid my taxes…Read more Heads Better Roll