to endure

I honestly don't know if I have any fight left in me. I just read the headlines on the articles that people are sharing on Twitter and Facebook and see how this government blatantly exercising their power like tyrants and despots. I want to rally. I want to protest but there's nothing we can offer…Read more to endure


It doesn’t feel like Christmas

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas as early as possible. As early as September, some shops set aside a corner for Christmas decorations and possible gift options. By October, some people are already slowly taking out the holiday trimmings out of the box and getting it ready. Some homes have their decors up already halfway…Read more It doesn’t feel like Christmas

on the day

So exactly a week ago, last Friday, I scheduled my fistula operation. After my first failed fistula operation early this year, I was planning to go overboard with protecting my arm to ensure that this fistula would mature. I was planning on not moving around for two weeks to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.…Read more on the day

The Rise of the Collaborative Commons

I have been very disillusioned by capitalism in my older age. Capitalism only works for the good of all if the people engaged in the system adhere to the principles of an unwritten social contract in which we work hard to succeed but ensure that everyone can somehow benefit, and that no one gets stepped…Read more The Rise of the Collaborative Commons

BBC Newsnight Paxman vs. Brand

I have always enjoyed Russell Brand's interviews because he's not just funny but he's magnificently intelligent and he never looses control of the situation. The interviewers are always on their toes and on the defensive. And I love that about him. And then I saw this video and I am unbelievably floored by the intellect…Read more BBC Newsnight Paxman vs. Brand

Heads Better Roll

The Philippine government has failed the country. I'm not particularly adept at talking about politics. I only became politically conscious later on in my late twenties. I was trying too hard to be an artist and left the political arena to the ones who are better suited to the task. I just paid my taxes…Read more Heads Better Roll