the hustle and the bustle

I have barely written a new entry here at all that wasn't just to amplify my reviews for ClickTheCity. And while my life has found itself a routine that I actually quite enjoy (horrors! I like a routine!), it comes with insights and thoughts that I don't feel comfortable sharing on a public space because…Read more the hustle and the bustle

Wanggo Online

If you're a regular to the site, then you might notice that I've made some design/layout/theme changes again. I've not been all that happy with the last look of my blog for awhile now. And WordPress offered a domain name with an accompanying e-mail address that was more personalized and I thought that this would…Read more Wanggo Online

Got a review from comfy reading (Wordpress blog)

I got reviewed yesterday! Comfy Reading, the book blog for the comfy reader, gave me a review the other day. She said some many wonderful things about my book and I'm so appreciative of that. I wrote a blog entry about looking for reviewers for my e-book, Remnants, in exchange for a free copy of…Read more Got a review from comfy reading (WordPress blog)