gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

I'm going to be so swamped this August. I've stopped accepting work right now because it's insane. The amount of work I have to finish before the month ends. But it's okay to be saying no to new work right now because I'm going to be stable and okay until November. I have breathing space,…Read more gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

Better People

Okay, this is going to be a long one. And I'm going to try to stay calm. This is going to be about HIV. A few days ago, I got a message from someone I had met a long while back through Grindr when I still had Grindr. We never met up but we used…Read more Better People

a salve, not a solution

I read this article that came out in the Philippine Star a few days ago. It's about Truvada, a new drug that helps treat HIV infection but seems to have uses as an HIV prevention pill. It means that people with HIV who take Truvada will have even less chances of infecting others and healthy…Read more a salve, not a solution

Thank you, government (No sarcasm here)

When I saw Dr. Salvana the other day, he shared with me some very good news. I asked about the situation on the Global Fund donations for free HIV medicine to third world countries like ours. The news is that by 2012, they would re-evaluate the contract and the first world countries who donate the…Read more Thank you, government (No sarcasm here)