I’m reading this book…

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm currently reading a book. It's not out yet. It's a new edition of a book. And I was asked to write the foreword for the new Philippine edition of this manuscript. So I can't mention the book. But reading this book made me think about some old connections…Read more I’m reading this book…

family reunion

On the last week of February, I went to Bacolod, along with all my siblings, to spend a few days with my parents. For the first time in twenty years, my whole family was complete. Well, there are exceptions -- Michelle's husband and kids weren't there, and Bing's son wasn't there -- but everyone I…Read more family reunion

Coming Off This Cloud

I kinda met someone two months ago. I totally misunderstood the connection that we had and thought the intensity which we pursued our friendship was something more than it really was. It's the hopeless romantic in me at work, really. I thought that the way with which we really sought out each other when we…Read more Coming Off This Cloud

Why can’t we be safe?

This morning, I ended up chatting with a friend. He was asking for another friend who had a casual sexual encounter with someone. Drugs were involved and unprotected sex and he was scared that he might have gotten infected with HIV. This person was asking my friend when was the best time to get tested…Read more Why can’t we be safe?

what is between us

I've gathered stars and adorned your hair with them, all sparkling, shining, the celestial radiance  of them all call upon the comets and cosmic gasses to come back to us and celebrate the electricity that charges the air--   the air we take in our bodies the air we breathe in to enrich our blood…Read more what is between us

forged on stage (a No Filter post)

My Dad is consulting director for a community theatre project here in Bacolod. Thrice a week, he goes off to help out direct a staging of an Ilonggo adaptation of Anatomiya ng Korupsyon by Malou Jacob with some local theatre actors here and the following day, he shares his experiences with my Mom and I about…Read more forged on stage (a No Filter post)