nine months

And, hopefully for the last time, the bandage came off. I had my procedure seven days ago to remove my permanent catheter. I hadn't needed dialysis for over four months now and my lab results have shown that my numbers have stabilized. At this point, the permanent catheter was becoming more of a liability than…Read more nine months


This Is Not a Vacation

I am here to rest, get stronger, and get better but this is not a vacation. My parents, worried about my health, has insisted they take over my social responsibilities -- paying for the food on my table, the roof over my head, my medical costs -- just so that I can get back on…Read more This Is Not a Vacation

“The Thin Man” (It begins…)

I'm running out of things to say. I've come to that point in my recuperation and my convalescence that everything is going smooth sailing (thankfully) and everything has become routine. Twice a week, I go to my dialysis and on those days, I eat a really early dinner at around 5pm or 5:30pm. I'm at…Read more “The Thin Man” (It begins…)


It's getting harder and harder to connect to the old world that ¬†was my world. The Internet here in our house in Bacolod is just not up to scratch with what I'm used to and that makes blogging, WhatsApp, and the other means with which I keep in touch slip from my grasp. Without the…Read more Sink